Prudence and the Crow


Prudence and the Crow. Est 2013.
A guide to our genres:

Stuck on which genre to choose? Don't know your Austen from your Asimov? Read on. . .

Classic Fiction - A great work of literature. May encompass historical fiction, romantic fiction, the Victorians, any book that has stood the test of time; the sort of thing that you might find on an English Literature syllabus.
Science Fiction - For us, Science Fiction takes in the full spectrum of speculative, dystopian, paranormal and fantasy fiction. Whether you're already an aficionado or would simply like to start reading the most notable and defining works from the genre, we'd love to further your interests.
Classic Thriller - Crimes, mysteries, thrillers. Hard-boiled, cosy, glamorous or monocled. From country house whodunnits to cross-continent conspiracy calamities. If you love a page-turner this is for you.
Classic Children's - Children's books, not just for children. When the world is dark and scary, sometimes the most useful tools are to be found in the tales we are told at the beginning of our lives. Whether you're looking to equip yourself or a newer human, take advantage of our passion for the unbridled nostalgia, aesthetic, myth or marvel to be found in that which should only be described as a book for all ages.
Random - Like to be surprised, delighted, confused? Like literally any kind of book? Perhaps you dream of poetry, biography, or an in-depth account of the middle-aged spoon? Whatever your requirements, should they be more complicated, pick random and use the spaces provided in our questionnaire to give us a clue.

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